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Gucci Jewellery & Watches


Gucci Gucci Grip Gucci Gucci Grip

Gucci Grip

Inspired by the most human of interactions, the handshake, the Gucci Grip is designed with true 70s style in mind.

Gucci G-Timeless Gucci G-Timeless


Defining luxury with its sophisticated styling and classic designs, the Gucci G-Timeless represents Gucci’s rich and iconic heritage.

Gucci Trademark Gucci Trademark


Showcasing Gucci’s Italian flair with elegant designs and the Made In Italy stamp, the Gucci Trademark is the epitome of style and class.

Gucci Dive Gucci Dive


Timepieces which boast playful practicality, the Gucci Dive combines Italian style with Swiss craftsmanship for powerful performance.

Gucci G Frame Gucci G Frame

G Frame

Radiating endless style that’s instantly recognisable, the Gucci G-Frame will adorn your wrist for years to come.

Gucci GG2570 Gucci GG2570


Paying homage to Gucci’s iconic 70s era and the creative director’s lucky number ‘25’, the Gucci GG2570 is a timepiece for all occasions.

About Gucci


Blending Italian craftsmanship with a flair for the avant-garde, Gucci timepieces are synonymous with quality and innovation making them an instantly recognisable symbol of modern luxury.